Sunday, May 26, 2013

IPL 6, Why did you do that?

IPL 6 is coming to an end today. The controversies, the final journey, the victory lap, that no-ball, those 175 runs, Miller force, Gilchrist, Dravid... The list is endless. With all these being spoken and written, there is a little left to talk about. But nevertheless, I would want to pick up my pen...

As far as I remember, the first rift was between 2 Delhi boys - Kohli and Gambhir. Mind you I am writing Delhi boys because IPL is regional and not the end of the world! :P Then, came in Pollard vs Watson, Sammy’s celebration and Hodge’s reply; Dravid vs Bisla + Gambhir; Johnson vs Dravid, and so on. Since IPL is not Cricket, I would refrain from saying anything about “spirit of the game”.

And it was just the beginning of the 1.5 months journey. And how did it end? 3 players arrested. CSK’s “whatever post” guy is behind the bars. For the teams that qualified, outcome was already known. Amongst everything, I sit here and feel so disgusted, that I wish IPL takes a break for a couple of years. None of the top authority members are ready to take responsibility and sort out the mess. Instead, they are the ones involved in creating the ruckus.

But does anyone think why do such activities happen? What could be the reason for Cricketers getting so charged up against each other? Is it scripted to create drama and get attention? Or is it the stress and pressure? Whatever be the reason, it is surely not going in the right direction. But who is going to take any action?

Media men, Cricket analysts, and gurus of the game have ensured that all the topics are well covered and their opinions have been duly noted. Srini mama has trolled millions of fans with his wit and lie. His relative is behind the bars; but before that, he managed to change his Twitter profile to save CSK. Those 3 RR players have been bitched about and forgotten. Of course, because bigger names are expected to come out next week.

Meanwhile, has anyone thought of how all this drama has affected a fan's mentality? And by a fan, I mean a person who knows his facts and stats about the game. Unless you know what was KKR's winning score last year, please do not mind. I am not even 1% interested in watching the final game. For a simple reason, in my head all I am thinking about is, IT IS FIXED.

On the emotional side, this IPL has marked an end of the Cricketing journey for my favorite man, Rahul Dravid. For those who know me, know how much more than the whole world he means to me. And it is pretty obvious that  am not interested in IPL anymore. With him, started my journey of Cricket viewing and analyzing. With he quitting it, I would love to end my relation with the Indian version of the game too.

Good bye IPL, though shall not be missed for good reasons. 

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