Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This date, that year!

Seems just like yesterday, not so long ago, when I first saw him standing in front of me. Smiling innocently, asking for my name, he sure knew how to make me feel the most special girl! I could feel myself lost in his eyes. That moment stood still. I wanted time to freeze. And it did freeze. In pictures.

I know life may change. But nothing will ever change this moment for me. It has been engraved in my heart forever. Standing so close to me, I could feel his aura surrounding me. Enveloping me with love! While my heart is racing, and my palms are sweating, all I could manage to do was smile, like never before. A smile that came instantly from a content heart.

My wish from 16 years had finally come true. My first love was in front of me. I could feel weak in my knees and my heart melt. Romantics were coming true! Though he will never know how I feel, I know deep in my heart that it will not even matter. Love is far beyond feelings! And I can prove it too. Just a few moments with him and my life had changed. I had accomplished the dream! I had done the unthinkable. I had met him. And I could not ask for more in this life from him.

I will always be in love with this man and nothing can change that. I will never get him and I know that. But just about time, I cherish and relive this moment now, just for a while... As I go back to my dreams, I wish to see you again and again! :)


  1. Hi Foram, what's your email ID?

    - Chandni

  2. If Only it was I in place of you.
    Lucky you, I envy you lady.