Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A love story.....

I was on my death bed with my mom and dad next to me. I was in some pain and I knew my end was near. But I had that one last wish in my mind; I knew it had to be fulfilled before I leave. 

I took courage from my inner self to express what my last wish was. I could not tell it to my mom-dad as I knew they would not understand. So I asked my “friends” to help me. 

The forces of the nature were on my side. It worked. They helped. My last wish was about to come true.

As I lying on my bed waiting for him, thinking about him, I realized how much he meant to me. Why was he the only thought in my mind at this time? All my pain and suffering were left behind and I was just waiting to get a glimpse of him. In my life I had practiced and preached "love does not exist." And yet, in my last moments of life, I understood "this is exactly what love is." 

So what is this love? It is when you are going to breathe your last and yet, you have eyes open to see him. It is when he can never be yours, but you still want to be known by his name. It is when you want to hold his hands forever and be gone in his arms. It is when you know what the sacrifice of Meera bai was. It also made me realize that we do not need the other person's agreement on love. Love is, all by itself. 

Love needs no names, no relations. My inner-self told me "your heart is always filled with love; you just need to see it." And here I stay still and agree. As every moment passed by, I knew he was coming closer to me. He was going to be in front of me and will stay there till I could see. 

And then he entered my room. I saw him walk towards me, standing tall, with a confused but calm look. I smiled and he returned the smirk. He remembered me? Or no? It didn't matter then. I knew he was here for me and only me. He was going to be with me till the time I was going to breathe. 

I stretched out my hand in struggle. Only to meet his hands. He recognized my efforts and came closer to me. He held my hand with both of his hands and comforted me. His touch made me feel the warmth I had never experienced before. The touch soothed my pain and made me relieved. I felt the gush on my cheeks and the smile grew. 

I speak, "I knew you would come to me. You have always been mine and I have always been your follower. Today, when I see you, I want to tell how much I love you. You mean the world to me and nothing else matters. I have realized that this love is the probably the most genuine kind. I searched for definitions and examples all around me; but I failed to see within me. This “love” was always with me, in me. It involved nothing else but feelings." And then, I feel the tears rolling down and words failing to come out. So I stop and stare at that one person I have only and truly loved. 

He looked and ran his hand on my forehead. He probably knew the intent. He did not say a word but, his eyes told me everything.

And I see myself leaving my body. As I wanted it to be; holding his hands, in his arms. My soul never felt so ecstatic before. It was probably dancing with joy! And as it left, my soul saw my face and it had the best smile ever. 

Yes! died with a smile. That is how it was meant to be. Tears rolled down his cheeks too, touched my hands and fell on the bed. I was so happy. I was overjoyed with my accomplishment in life. I told him how much I loved him. And that was the end of my love story.... 


{I saw this dream the other day. The man who I was waiting for, was none other than Rahul Dravid (anyone would have guessed). But the dream was so real in front of me. I woke up smiling and I knew, I had to share this!}


  1. You're MAD :)
    But a nice story :)

  2. Fg u have power to make people weep ! U understand small things and write em so beautifully !

  3. @Abhi, I know you know me so well !!

    @Pri, baby, thank you. The power to touch hearts! :)

  4. Touching, reading it tears rolled my eyes too.

  5. OMG Foram... But a nice blog... very deep!