Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012. Happy New Year!

Here are some of my lessons of 2012. To be honest, my experiences over time have made me really smart. Now, every time something goes wrong, I don’t cry; I don’t question why. I just sit and analyze. I know it is boring; but it really is a better way to solve issues.

1.       Take up fitness seriously! Health is wealth. Getting out from death bed, I became a better runner in just 8 months. Now, I can proudly post timings of my run and brag!
2.      Let go of unwanted things in life. Donate books, clothes, accessories, medicines and even your precious time to the needy. It will remain in your memory and make you smile all the while.

3.      When nostalgia strikes, just watch comedy shows. Believe me; revisiting old times is a plain waste. Because it is human tendency to remember the bad times more often than the good moments.
4.      Music is the solution to almost everything. For everything else, there is Sleep! :P 

1.       Let go of people who upset you. In personal life, at work and even online. If you don’t like someone, be polite and just leave. After few days, it won’t even matter. It is nature’s tendency to fill up void spaces.
2.      Do only those things that you want to. End of the day, if it doesn’t make you smile, it is not worthwhile. Life is too short to waste time on upsetting things. Do not give-up to pressures. Remember - At first, they’ll ask you why you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask you how you did it!

1.       Whatever happens with you today was planned long ago. So it is for good that it has happened to you. Of course, not justifiable at extreme, but always good. Like Team India’s performance! Never took practice seriously and look at what we are now! :P

2.      If it is bad, try to change it. If it good, make it best. If it already the best, preserve it. I do it all the time with my nail color, blogs, drawers, photos.
3.      People you really loved once will leave you. Be upset, as being loved is a priceless feeling. But don’t stop there. Miss them, but don’t stop meeting new people. 

1.       Make new friends. But at the end of the day, make sure you have one special friend with whom you can share your day’s story. If you don’t have someone like that, become one. Everyone here needs a BFF.

2.      But also remember, you cannot be friends with everyone. And there are definitely some people who can never be your friends. Don’t bother about such people. Learn to discard them. These days it is really easy. All you have to do is “unfriend” or “unfollow” or delete them from the phonebook. Believe me, you’ll never need them. Never.

3.      Old friends will leave you too. Let them go. You cannot stop time. You cannot change the destiny.
4.      Love yourself the most. (Most important)!!!

1.       Be happy with "Now". Keep smiling. Take things lightly. You won't escape happiness, just like you won't escape pain. :)
2.      Everyone (even your loved ones) will say something that’ll hurt you, upset you. Stay calm. Trust yourself. Think it is God’s way to test your talent. You shall succeed. Faith in self is as important as faith in the Almighty.

3.      Indian Cricket is suffering at this time. Support them. They are committing mistakes and losing the games. But so have we. Mistakes are a part of this journey called life.
4.      Do not run away from your responsibilities to your country. As of now, we are ashamed of everything happening around us. So, don’t give up yet. Remember “however far wrong goes, right is always a step ahead!”

5.      Fight, if you have to. But sort all your differences. Don’t carry grudges to the next day. When you wake up, think of newer problems. They are in infinite numbers; old ones will get boring! :P 

1.       Say sorry. Gandhiji was right. Asking for forgiveness requires real guts.
2.      Forgive easily. It is the virtue of a strong. And you are!
3.      Keep your parents happy. They will be the only people who “care unconditionally”.
4.      Stay close to your cousins. Buggers will always be there, in every occasion, to make fun of uncles and aunties at functions! J
5.      Dream. You’ll know what you exactly want in life. Someday you’ll wake up and will want to make them true. Try; go against the odds. For your dreams are yours, no one else will ever understand.

1.       Learn from your favorites. They are your beloved for a reason. Find out why and follow. Make yourself even better! Rahul Dravid has taught me a lot. How to be classy all the time! Stay dedicated, results will follow!
2.      Thank God. You have to. For He has blessed you with everything you should have.
3.      Thank me for writing so much! :P :P :P Hope it has helped you in some way!

And I thank you for reading this. Happy New Year. 2013 is going to be awesome!
“I know because making it better than 2012 is in my hands. And I trust myself! J


  1. Absolutely tops. Printed it out. Thanks.

  2. Glad that you liked it so much! :)

  3. Got me with #1 itself... I'm joining a gym next week! haha

    Great list!

  4. @Miraj, thank you...!

    @Rishabh, good luck!.. shall ask you about it soon...

  5. Nicely Done, FG

    Have taken to #1 since last month itself.

    Here's to a healthier year ahead,

  6. Thank you guys...! I hope it helps you....