Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Experience matters? Really?

If experience made success, Mark Zuckerberg would be 160 years old now. Steve Jobs would be at least 250 years old. Bill Gates, well, no comments... 

As Bill Gates has rightfully said, "I choose lazy people to do a task. They'll find an easy way to do it." And that is the truth! Thomas Alva Edison discovered electric bulb. Why? How? He was afraid of the dark!! And just to remind everyone, he was a school dropout. Experienced? Yes! After failing for about 1000 times, he had enough experience of "1000 ways to reach success!" 

Graham Bell invented telephone. Why? He was deaf. He did not need it at all. But it was his curiosity and passion to invent hearing devices that led to something we cannot live without now-a-days. What were Wright brothers thinking of when making an airplane? They loved how birds could fly everywhere. This passion to be a bird, led to invention of a mechanical bird.

Dear companies "asking for experienced candidates", time to get a check! Not all freshers are useless and not all "experienced" people are smart. As cliché it may sound, but the fact remains. A 100 percentile candidate does not apply for a job because he knows his capability to be an entrepreneur. So, find the second best. And the process continues. And in this process, the talent, the ambition dies. It may not matter to big names, but it kills the brightness that could enlighten the lives of many. 

The golden line remains: Every experienced guy was a fresher at some time and; every fresher was given an opportunity to fail. 

There is no dearth of talent but there is a dearth of passion. And both are not related. I heard a friend say this, "I am a talented dancer, but my passion for dancing has taken a back-seat because it doesn't feed me." There is a deadlock ahead. Companies need to allow employees to experiment. Candidates need to choose their profession carefully. But when you are in India, well, I'll stop writing on this sensitive issue. 

On the brighter side, there are candidates who are just enthusiastic about work. Give them anything and they'll do it successfully. I admire such people because I am probably 1 of them. Be it carrying dad's briefcase or be it making billing software of a small shop, the smile that these guys carry while doing their work just makes it worthwhile.

Dear fellow dreamers, experience will matter only when you have to tell stories. And experience will come when you are 60! That is a long journey ahead. Before that, let us just goof-up a little bit! For there is no better time than to fly high! 

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