Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm looking back...

As I wait for a new phase of life, I can't help but look back to see how did I fare the journey. At first, I see achievements and smiles; Pretty good I say. But slowly, as I pass thorugh the good memories, I see a box packed and locked so tight, that I dare not open. It was labelled "Regrets and Sorrows". 


Who doesn't have these? Everyone has hidden them, just like me. And it takes lot of efforts to open the box, physical and mental. I did not wish to open this box as I knew, it'll hold the fears and the tears that contributed to my strength.

Why does life give us options and make us select just 1? It is never easy to let go. And after an option is selected, there is no looking back. Had there been a time machine, we would probably have more number of successful people. 

In the journey we have met so many people; so many that we should have never felt lonely. Unfortunately, that never happens! We do feel alone, we do feel the need of someone who'll be there for us, someone we call a "friend". 

Why does it happen? It is the law of the nature. People have to come, people have to go. Some by distance, some by death and some by misunderstandings.

For those who have loved and lost, will know how distance kills. Others who have been unfortunate, know how much it hurts when we know our loved ones will never come back. The rest, fall in the trap of the last parameter, misunderstanding. It is probably the worse of its kind. A deadlock that'll never be sorted. 

There is a long list of people, incidences and choices that are packed in that box. Should I open it? Should I throw it? After a long argument with self.......

I decided to let go of the box. I know someday I'll return and open it, but for now, I wish to leave it as it is. No time for tears; no time for thoughts; no time for memories. It is time is to move forward, time is to take new decisions and some mistakes. Take the smiles from the past and keep moving, to never turn back! 

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