Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mistakes + Experience = Life!

At every stage of life we commit mistakes. I have been commiting mistakes since as long as I remember. After every mistake, I look back, smile and say, "Hey, I managed to get out of it, I must be smart!".. That not only gives me courage but it also prepares me to commit the next mistake! It is not fair to be just living by mistakes, but it is also not fair to be not experiencing those colors of life too. How can we learn from some one else's mistake? Have we not heard "The wearer knows where the shoe pinches."

So for all those who ask us to look at seniors and learn from their mistakes, here is my answer to them: No we won't! We are here to live our life on the terms that have been agreed to long before. Once we have written our destiny, we will reach there; by our own carved paths. 

Everyone should, I believe, do that. Woh jeena he kya, ki jisme darr shamil ho! We have already been taught to be afraid of so many things in life. Injections, lizards, police, terrorists, failure, elders, guns, wars and so on. When will we find time to live and love when we are busy being worried and scared? 

Time is now. It is time to live. Love yourself, smile at whatever is happening with you. Good or bad, it is all going to happen with us while we breathe. How we face it is our choice. And no one, mind you, no one will ever be able to control it for us. While I'm completely ignoring the fact that sometimes it hurts very bad to fail, I'm also ignoring the bliss we will experience when we attain that top-spot! It is all about the journey! Live it, love it, hate it, learn from it!

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