Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another day comes to an end? Or a new beginning awaits?

Like every other day, today has come to a death.. Only because we can never go back in time and modify it, it is an end. Time to linger over the thoughts that run back and forth in my mind asking why is my life so wasted..???

Then I stop and look back. This is what I wanted sometime back. Now that I have it, I am regretting it. With each passing day, we inscribe some memories in our minds. Some are so good memories that we don't want to leave them. Some memories are so bad that no matter how hard we try, they don't leave us. This is when we linger in the past. 

While, we are busy pondering over what has happened today, some smart minds are busy planning their tomorrow. For them, today is what they planned yesterday. And now, they are getting ready for a bigger tomorrow. And we can tell who'll be smiling tomorrow. 

Time to stop those words. Time to stop the past that'll never come back. Time to stop the worries about tomorrow. It is, yes, it is in our hands to stop everything that does not make us smile. It is tough to stop it all. We have been in the clutches of negative so much that we have started loving it. But now is the time to face the fact and embrace the future.

The only thought that should occupy your mind now is what will make you smile tomorrow? What shall be your reason to be happy when you open your eyes tomorrow morning. Once you get these answers, pray to GOD and close you eyes! Pray to HIM, thank HIM and ask HIM to send you those special powers that'll guide you to success when you get up! 

For everything that we need, it is in HIS hands and HIS mercy. Let's write our destiny and send it to The Almighty and ask HIM to make it true! HE will, as always, listen to our prayers! :)

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