Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guru Poornima! :)

Starting with the well-established fact:
GOD knew HE won't be free to handle every child and so, HE gave us parents. Parents knew they'll have kids who'll need a few more role models to learn from. That's when we got teachers! Per Indian mythology, a guru is next to GOD and treated with equal respect. A word from guru is told to be coming indirectly from GOD.

In ancient times, there was no one who would go against their guru's will. People then, would abide to every decree laid by them and would learn everything that their guru had to offer. Guru too, treated his disciples as their children. They would take proper care of the students and made sure they grew to be the best humans. By this of course, I am referring to the golden era of Ramayana and Mahabharata. We cannot forget what Eklavya did to please his guru Dronacharya. 


Now, the times have changed a lot. We don't see the same respect anywhere. We don't see the same dedication, same learning, same mutual affection. 
But there are those rare gems who continue to influence our lives and help us strive harder to become a better human. At each stage of life, we have different people teaching us a new lesson in life, some sweet, some harsh, some unforgettable. 

Parents, undoubtedly, are the first gurus in every child's life. Right from getting up to going back to bed, everything that we do is taught to us by them. Mom taught us how to eat; dad lifted us to be able to walk. Mom read books to us to make us humans, dad took away fears. Mom taught me how to cook; dad taught me how to earn food. Dad selected clothes for me, mom helped me wear them. Remember riding your cycle first time? First day at school? And the list goes on n on...

Teachers at school and college? All the gyaan we read and write every day is given by them. Starting from alphabets to reading tough words, it is all because of them. There are some teachers who went on to become our guides, our philosophers and our mentors for life. I'm sure each 1 of us have learnt a very important lesson of life from them. 
There are times when our teachers have become our best friends and helped us in our difficult times. What we can't tell every1, we tell them. They are next best ears to GOD. 

And we meet people in life, who we may know or no, but they have some learning to offer. Directly or indirectly, we owe a lot to those people too. Some have been kind enough to let me do mistakes and learn on my own. Some have just led their lives and let me learn from their experiences. 

On Guru Poornima, I want to thank all of them. Mom, dad, Kotak sir, Sunil sir and all those who have been there for me to guide me and let me learn from experience and mistakes too!! As life goes on, there is too much more to learn and understand and I know, with your support, I'll do it all, in a respectable and successful way......

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