Friday, March 16, 2012

100th 100, is here! Sachin Tendulkar

Mark the date in Red, Blue, Green and Golden! Its something awaited by hearts of a million! 
It is 16th March, 2012. The platinum day for the game called Cricket! 
When the GOD of the game scores his 100th 100...!!
Just let me savor the moment, just let me seize the opportunity! I want be a proud Indian to have seen it happen!

No1 can even imagine how does it feel to be Sachin Tendulkar. Billion * 2 eyes on him. Billion hearts beating for him! Only him! Today was the destined day. Bangladesh was the Team and Shakib Al Hasan was the bowler. And the rest, is going to be engraved in the history with Gold and stay there forever....

Its just a game for those who dont know u,
Its a pride for all who love u!
For mortals like us, its enough to see u,
The nation proudly says "Cricket belongs to You!"

There is no wonder like Sachin,
Everyone seems to be just gawking,
With the charm n aura he is playing,
Every Indian just keeps rejoicing!!

It is not everyday that everyone can praise everyone. But when it comes to Sachin, all doubts take a backseat. Only the goodness and the kind heart reflects the humility that he is made of!

Each one of us has a dream - to meet you. For many its too blissful to be real. Being one of them, I can tell. With each heights that you scale, our hearts just become happy while we scream and yell!

When I saw his pics, I thought such a cute baby! 
When I saw him play, I said what brilliant shots! 
When I saw him win, I said what efforts! 
When I see him breaking records, I exclaim is that GOD?!!

But everytime the answer remains the same: He is just "Sachin Tendulkar"!!

My thoughts may not suffice to express the greatness. My heart may not contain all the feelings. My mind may be stable otherwise. But the gratitude, the respect, the humility knows no bounds when I hear the words "Sachin - the GOD - Tendulkar!

Yes! I was alive when Sachin Tendulkar scored his 1 HUNDRED CENTURIES! 

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