Friday, March 16, 2012

Budget 2012? What? Whatever ....

Govt of India, as usual, fails again with this budget 2012. Here are views of a common person, wanting to have a decent life:

1. India is IT power? Why r computers made costlier?
2. Why no provision for agriculture and farmers in the Agricultural Country?

3. Hotel food made costly. Service tax, excise increased. No more pizza parties’ plzzz….
4. Selling your property made easy. Of course, we will have to sell our belongings to survive and not give up to Govt’s LS-ness.

4. Mobile, TVs, fridges go costly: PS: these are all stuff used by middle class right?
5. LED, LCD become cheap: yeah! Middle class can now jump to HS.

6. Petroleum products go costly too! What's new? Its happening every 2 months boss…
7. Now every1 wants income up to 2 lacs only: in “white” yaar.. No tax! I really never wanna pay tax…

8. All I learnt in this budget is "percentage" is called "fisdi" in hindi. 9. Rich is become rich. Poor is becoming poor: story of this country since 1961.
10. Machhis becomes cheap but, petrol goes costly: a person cannot even burn himself down economically.

11. Men here; plz don't expect girls to be slim, trim, wow henceforth! Beauty parlors and gym increases price! ROFL! But to compensate, eating outside will cost u a bomb too! Time to ditch, dump ur bitter halves and enjoy life as "singles"!! On cycles!! Yeah, cycles are becoming cheap!

12. Go F*** even more, with any1. HIV medications have become cheap!
13. The stall-walas at FS, linking road just burst crackers celebrating. Branded clothes won't be affordable to babes anymore. Except if their bfs are from petroleum back grounds!

14. To add to misery, gold, silver and allied "girls-best-friends" products will cost bigger bombs now... 

15. Hawai safar! As if it wasn't obvious, becomes costly too!.. Let's stay home, cook rotis and send them by Air India. 16. Solar units go cheap! Wowww! Did u know solar units that are used as of now convert only 3% of energy into usable energy. 97% goes waste.. Go waste more.

17. GST finally will make its debut in Augsust! Wohhooo!!
18. Telephone bill will increase! Wait, gfs-bfs are starting to search cheapest plans? Rather, go singles..! Hehehehe!

No really, I want to know how this will ever help a common man. I m an educated, jobless girl sitting home with money enuf to last for next 6 months. Dear Govt, do u assure me that I won't live OR die penniless like K.D. Yadav and Parduman Singh? 

And this moron PM has audacity to stand and say, this is a good budget. Of course dear PM, u have so many zeroes in ur account"s". And exactly when do u plan to explain How will this budget reduce the "mehengai"? 

PS: K.D. Yadav is the 1952 Olympics bronze medalist; and Parduman Singh is Asian Games gold medal winner; both of them died penniless. 

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