Sunday, March 18, 2012

India vs Pakistan: Game on!

Forever it shall be... The “baap” of all games: India vs Pakistan! And why not, not only these 2 teams are arch rivals; the nations too aren’t on amicable terms.

India vs Pakistan!

Dear Team India, let’s get ready to win. Nothing else matters.

Yes, we don't have to experiment any player today. The playing 11 clearly knows that back home, every eye is on them, scrutinizing every move. 1 mistake will stay with them for a long time. Not only on Cricket terms, but also on moral terms.

No loop-holes, no mistakes, no lose shots, no wrong length and no misfielding. The game is as important as the WC finals. The sentiments are more intense than the white-wash. Any why not, these teams meet only once in a while. Who doesn’t want to see this match?

Some brief stats:
Overall in ODIs: Pak has won 69, India has won 47;
At neutral venues: Pak 38, India 26;
In last 10: India 6, Pak 4;
In Bangladesh, India 5, Pak 3,
In Asia Cup India 4, Pak 4

Chances are even! We are a new team and so are the opponents. They are fierce and we are learning. Pakistan heavily relies on Misbah Ul Haq. And we are already missing the likes of Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh. Team India lacks an aggressive approach and fears are we will turn defensive soon.

The, once upon a time, best batting line-up is on the revival mode. We have Sachin and Gauti to handle the attacking opening partnership. With their experience, they sure are the best bet. All eyes and big pressure on the new vice captain Virat Kohli; good news is, he is carrying the form very well and is anticipated to deliver the same way.

Lot of options for middle-order, yet we avoid risk and continue with the non-playing Rohit Sharma. Lot of all-rounder’s options, yet we want R Jadeja even if is totally off-form. Well, what more to say? Today is really not the day to experiment.

The bowling department has been the talk of the town since the last match where we were not able to defend 290 runs against a minion team Bangladesh. 
No options left open as the best guy Zaheer Khan is rested; Ishant Sharma is injured; R Vinay Kumar is mysteriously injured; Others..?? Don’t matter…

The pressure is at an all-time high. On both teams; On both captains. MS Dhoni sure knows how to handle it. He has been doing it since forever. Well, all we want if a Non-Defensive approach. The opponents will leave no stone unturned and we are a step ahead!

Time to Bleed Blue! 

Thanks @mohanstatsman for the numbers!

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