Saturday, August 20, 2011


4 the first 7 years of my life, I hadnt celebrated Rakhi. I was alone! Yes, I got all the love, care, affection from my maa-paa undivided!

I was too small to understand whats Rakhi business all about. I didnt care for the monyy also as I alwaz got it from my dad. So, never really knew y do we need to celebrate it - just for fun? or just for money?

Then, after these 7 years of solitude, I got a gift from GOD, Maa n Paa! My dearest, little, cute, tiny figure - My brother! At first, he was too small for me to hold him in my hands. So, I just waved him.
After sometime, I realised he is too small and wants me! So, I started caring for him. Protecting him from all his silliness! 

He was such a bum-bum. Couldnt crawl, couldnt stand, could walk, couldnt talk. He would just move his hands up n down. Make some funny noises. We had to play "Identify-N-Win" with him.
But he was just adorable! Just a cutie-pie! Just a baby rabbit! I used to call him "Apple" of my life!!

And how times went by; he started growing up. He was a typical Gunda of the home. Fights, arguments, complaints - from friends, neighbors, teachers!! Believe me, I used to feel proud of me! I was the nicest kid of my family!!

And as we grew, our love also grew. We faught. And faught. And had several thrashing sessions for each other! Our parents had given-up on us! They wondered if we were the new versions of Rahu-Ketu!

But deep within we both knew, we would die without each other! And its still true!!

We share secrets, we share wishes! We share all the masti, we share all the fun! We share even our mistakes and help each other at all levels! 

P.S.: My brother alwaz needs me. He is alwaz messed up.
He is alwaz confused, lost and unorganised. All in all, he will be handicapped without me!
Like he needs stationary, he needs my advice in every matter!
He needs me to open the door for him after mid-night!
He cant even decide what gift to give to his GF!
I have to fill all his forms for him. 10th, 12th, CPT, FY, CPCC, etc etc etc.
He is even asking me do shopping for him!
Everyday he'll come to wake me up: To tell him if his shirt is matching his jeans! 
With his choice of music, he will never get a decent girl-friend!!

And I m happy! Because, I am wanted by him unconditionally. He alwaz turns to me 4 everything! Its like a wanted-feeling! I feel so blessed! GOD has given me a friend, a kiddo, an enemy - all in 1!! 

As I am writing this, he is still asleep! He is the laziest bone too! I asked him to get up now. He says "its holiday; see u after 12!" Damn, cant even find my gift in his messy, filthy room!!

I know he'll be like this alwaz! I know he'll never miss even a small opportunity to bug me! Even I would want to trouble him again n again! 

Thank you, GOD! 4 giving me a complete entertainment package named: Kewal Gosrani!

In the journey of my life, I was blessed with lot of elder, younger cousins and some special mentions!!

Vatsal - is my first ever boyfriend! He is the cutest guy in my life!

Utsav - A total nut-case! A silly weirdo!

Uttu - Prankster and most handsome male of the clan!

Meer - Shy boy!!

Prabhu - Perfect elder bro! Just perfect!

Mitesh - A strict but understanding elder bro!

Mitresh - Coolest bro ever! Just a perfect guy!

Abhi - My 2011 - Rakhi gift!! :) :) :)

All these guys are like my pillars!! I share a special bond with all of them! No1 can even understand! Even I cant express!

Just want to pray for all: May u all live this special relation, today and 4ever! GOD bless all with a Rakhi! 

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