Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wish-List! Its Sachin! Once again!

I dont remember when I fell in love with this guy. It was a sheer herd mentality. Every1 loves him, I have to love him too. If I dont, I will be a loner. What will I do when he is on TV? Every1 will be glued to him, I'll be alone. Thats when I started watching him on TV. 

He was cute looking then. He is good looking till date. That time I had no clue whats so special about him. Now, I know, he is the only special thing about the religion. He is the talk of the town? No no, he is the talk of the globe. Anything that he does is watched, worshipped and blindly agreed. 

For many, the religion starts and ends with this 1 man on the field. The TV is on till the time camera can follow him. Rest is just a daily soap. Nice, but no spice!

I was reading a article by Former England captain Allan Lamb that mentions how the Lords' match is of utmost importance. He writes: "People in England have been writing about Sachin Tendulkar breaking his Lord's jinx (of scoring a hundred) well. he won't get a better time to do it, will he? Even if he doesn't get there, he shouldn't get disheartened. A lot of top players over the years haven't got a hundred at Lord's. I don't know why that is!

Well, its time for an Indian to write something. Why is it so much important for an Indian? Lacs of Indians never want him to retire. Someday he will. But the thought sends a shiver down my spine. What do u mean that he'll retire? He cant retire. He will never leave. At the bottom of my heart, I know 1 thing. The day he bids farewell, thousands of spectators will wave with him. The religion will no longer be celebrated as the way it is done now.

Ever since England tour was announced, every Indian has a dream of seeing 100th 100 by the GOD at the Mecca of cricket. Its not just the dream anymore. We have prayers recited, wishes made and what not. Sir Lamb, no one can ever understand the feeling that every Indian shares in heart when the Master Blaster hits a ton. The celebrations are to be experienced. No1 can describe it. 

Sir Lamb also wrote: "It doesn't get any bigger, or better, does it? It'll be a very special occasion. Playing at Lord's in general gets the best out of cricketers - this time it'll be even more special."
We cannot deny. It will take its place in the history.

Sachin is the reason why I started watching cricket. He is the reason why I started playing it. He is the reason why I was totally addicted to the game. Today, it’s his moment. It’s going to be his event. It will be his turn to create and rewrite history. A proud Indian - Me - wants to speak for entire nation about how important the day is for us.

The day when we will see TV as an occasion; when “fingers-crossed” will be a group activity; when no-jinx-allowed will trend. When there will be hands folded, lots of innocent bribes offered. When, again, there will tears of joy! The dream will come in real for so many supporters. I might be exaggerating the incidence. But, why not? I have waited for it so long. I want to be a part of it and stay there forever.

Ofcourse, I don’t know how the future will look like. I don’t know what will be the outcome. But this is my wish-list. I can vividly see the moments of glory. These are the blissful moments. They may or may not come true. But the colour of each face is saffron, white and green.
As they say in my country, U will never know how it feels. There is just 1 Sachin and the rest are all, well, mortals. Let me seal the moment right now. 

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