Thursday, September 15, 2011

Engineer for Life! Proudly!

4 saal lagte hain insaan ko Engineer ban ne mein! Fir chahe saari zindagi koshish kar le! Woh kabhi insaan nahi ban sakta!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
So we have a day to celebrate our degree!!

Yayyy!! I m happpyyy!! I m smiling and today, I take all the pride, honour and wishes that yes, I am a certified engineer!

I m officially qualified to install software, debug the programs, attach printers, format the pc, write looooooong codes and (never comment them! They r my priceless creations afterall!). I just hope no1 understands them coz otherwise, they'll start finding errors! And also, ask me to get rid of warnings!

P.S.: Warnings are just to be read and ignored; never solved!

I m among those people who are viewed as the "Bechara" of the family. We have exams at absolutely irregular schedules and we are officially allowed to bunk all family functions, festivals and trips!

We are those geeks who are assumed to be studying from heavy fat books and know it all!!

Yet, are always confused and clueless about what is actually happening around us!

We attend college on almost all days of the week; well that’s what they think!! :P :P We have 4 lectures a day, 1.5 hours each and 3 hours of pracs after that; where we apply our all the LOGIC and knowledge to create INNOVATIONS!

We have studied 50 subjects or more in our all 4 years of LIFE! We have written codes that are just amazing and almost NOT-understandable to any commoner! :) :) Yes, we are the "Bechara" of the cruel education system!

Now that’s what every1 knows! See the story behind an engineer's mind and heart!!

Yes! I am an engineer and those 4 years of my life is my actual LIFE!

I have the bestest and the worst memories of my life associated with ENGINEERING!

Like every engineer has, I also have done it all! Ratta-expert? Xerox machine business? Cutting-chai? Night-out? Assignments? Print-outs? All this and a lot more!!

I made friends for life in those days! I made commitments for life in those days! I attended Vidyalankar classes for 3 subjects! I made friends with Makrand sir! I still dread mechanics and it can gimme nightmares when I think of Truss!

Remember those experiments? The roller scale was the only fun thing of that mechanical lab!! hehehe!!

The work-shop! The Blue apron! The carpentry! The blacksmith! The iron-man! The welding! Yes, we have done it all! We have soooooo many career options!! :) :) :)

Drawing is fun? Well, ask an engineer! Carrying that drafter and roll-pack in that crowded train? Those aunties believe that we students should not be allowed to enter into train with so much of luggage!!!

And we love it all! When we had to draw a 3D machine part, we never understood what difference does it make to have dark lines, light lines or dotted lines!!! hehehe!!

BEE? What? Current flows here and there everywhere? Right! Ok! now we have voltmeters, resistors and switchboards too! Cool, I can be an electrician too!!

C, C++, Java, DOTNET, Oracle, VB, VB.NET, J2ME, J2EE, HTML, XML, PHP, etc etc etc etc etc etc!! Ya ya ya, I m bragging. What shall I do? I happen to know all of these!! I ahve actually cleared all these papers and written crappy codes for all these snobbish languages!!

MMS? Woww!! Only subject where the attendance is 100%. Y?? Coz here we are allowed to play with the pictures, videos, music and we are allowed to use a Mac!!! That lab was so colorful n lively!!

I can proudly recollect being called "Mass-Bunk" of the class! "chalo, mass-bunk karte hain" were my first words everyday as I entered by class! My IT division!! Miss u guys!! :) :)

Canteen wale uncle ka Misal=Pav! Coffee and kaju biscuits! Chinese roll! Tomato soup! Dosa!


As they say, there is always 1 professor who is loved by students! Yes, he is Kotak sir! Many will not agree with me I know. But he is the bestest prof. He would arrange such amazing trips called IV! And whoever went for those will agree that never before, we have been to trips that were once in a lifetime experience!!

Books? Notes? Exams? Term-tests? Prac-exams? We have given atleast 500 exams in those 4 years! Bragging again! The Xerox wala guy is more respected over every professor. Every engineer’s first business plan is to istall a Xerox machine outside his college to vasool the fees of 4 years!! :) FACT.

“Aree, 3 day notes aa gaya market mein! Awesome! Ab pass hone se kaun rok sakta hai??”

“Last year ka saara papers padh liya! 60% toh aa he jaayega! Baaki kya, story likh denge! Sheets he toh bharni hai! Woh thodi naa padhne wala hai kya likha hai! Padhne gaya bhi toh meri hand-writing use samajh nai aanewali! Main to pass ho he jaaunga!!”

“Sala tereko mere zyada marks kaise aaya? Jhooth bolta hai! Kuch nai padha aur 45 kaise aaya?”

“Placement mein toh band bajne wali hai! Koi achhi company apni college mein kabhi nai aati”

The Engineer's anthem! Summer of '69!! is there any engineer who does not know that song by-heart???

We have sung that song for 10000 times in 4 years! And when we meet, we still sing it with same zest and enthusiasm!!

And then, when we get placed, the feeling is as if we have successfully accomplished Mission Impossible!!

I still remember writing the last paper. It was a tough paper as always! But the pain and the sorrow of that being my last paper were painful!

It was all over after the final bell! I was proud to be an Engineer! I was happy that after slogging for those many years, I had achieved the un-achievable! I was soo happy!

Now when I look back, I want to go back to my college, meet my professors, sit on those benches, attend those lectures, ask doubts, bunk them, blame professors, butter them and participate in Robotics!

I know I won’t be able to do that ever!

That is the story of an Engineer. He has done a lot and he is ready to face the world. But he wants to go back and enjoy 1 more year with those geeks!!

Dedicated to all the Engineers who are now in USA, TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, Mastek, Infosys, Siemens and other MNC or national IT firms!! and some MBAs too!!

THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY, OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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