Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sure, Why Not?? - Part 1!

This is what every dream of mine says.

I know they are figments of my wild imaginations. Some realistic, some abstract. Some long gone, some yet to come. Some smiles, some tears.

A big number of people live 2 worlds all-together! 1 where they get up in the morning with a "to-do" list for the day. The other world is what we call 'Dreams'!Everything is possible in the second world. I can goto Everest; I can be the PM; I can be richer than Bill Gates; I have magical power of a Genie; The world is my stage and I can write my drama!

I read Cinderella and I know of my knight in the shining armour. I see JDJ and I wanna be a better dancer than the winner. I read about Mr. Buffet and I want to be smarter than him. Looking at cricket team, I wish I was a guy playing in blue. The fame, the success, the charm all lured me! I saw the Oscars and I knew I could act better and that black lady belonged in my arms. I think of Aamir Khan and I imagine making a movie beyond perfection! Yes, I know my potential and I m sure that I m the best of the rest in my world of dreams! 

Dreams have no boundaries. They know no limits. They are the outcomes of our sub-conscious desires. Each 1 of us have those unfulfiled wishes: that shimmer outfit, a grandeur home, a car that is big enough to be noticed everywhere, a splendid vacation that never ends, a hubby thats straight from mills and boon, a lifestyle that puts Angelina to shame, a body thats sexier than Victoria Beckham, majestic fame thats global and enough money that Swiss is just 1 of my care-takers, and the list is never ending.

Its just a part of a "long" wish-list of 1 person. And that made me think that yes, even my life is so full of those supressed "I wish.."!
I dont know how many of dreams will ever be realised, but I know from her parting words that lot of her dreams have silently cut their wings and are all set to be buried into graves of Hopes. The dreams that were seen so early that now they stand no chance of becoming reality. Some are surpassed because life didnt stop at that moment; some committed suicide and the rest of them are completely on the verge of becoming extinct!

But this is where we get a surprise... Wait till that happens!! Because it is just fair to be fair to ourselves! 

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