Sunday, May 22, 2011

I do not want...

I dont want to tell you how I feel!
I dont want to tell what you mean to me!
I dont want to tell you what happens when you see me!

I dont want to answer your questions:
Asking me about where am I?, Who am I with? What am I doing?
Or asking me what shall I be doing? What shall I be not doing?

I dont want to speak:
About my feelings, about my long tiring day, about how good/bad my day is/was!
Speak about us, our relation, our trust and our love!
I dont want to address:
The guests, the crowd, the class!
Your issues, your problems, your goof-ups!
Our differences, our silence, our distances!

I dont want to:
converse about those personal reasons that are meant to be!
chat just the daily activities for no importance!
gossip about people who are worth nothing but give me pleasure!
chatter all nonsense!
speak to you when you are never ready to lsiten!
natter that it seems I am nagging!
utter anything that will spoil the best of "US"!
have a discussion with you, at all!

I dont want to articulate a speech that acts as a motivation for you and draws my energy!

I dont! I just dont want to put into words!

Coz when I had you at first, it was the comfort of silence that secured us! It was the silence that was the precious thread of our relation. It was only when you understood my silence!.. Now... its...

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