Sunday, May 22, 2011


To begin with: here's a story that will explain how selfish the world is!

Its about mom monkey and baby monkey. They were taken to a lab for conducting an experiment. The experiment was to identify if the mom monkey will sacrifice herself or will rather sacrifice baby? Shocking? Wait till the results...

Both the monkeys were placed in the glass container to be filled with water. Initially, when the water level was low, the mom was holding the baby close to her heart covered with her hands. As the water level started rising, mom took the baby and placed it on her shoulders. Further still, she kept her baby on her head. By now, the water level had reached her neck.

As the water level increased to her nose and then, eyes.. Something beyond "shocking" happened. No, mom didnt try to protect her child. Instead she took her baby, put it down into the water and tried to stand over the child to rise to a level above water. 
She was trying to save herself over the baby!! True, Even my eyes popped out! I too fell short of words to express! I gawked at the situation! 

This is what life is all about! At 1 instance, you'll do everything for the person who u "suppose" to love the most. But the next minute, u'll have to choose between self interest (save yourself) or your dear love!
May of us reading this will be thinking "no, no! how is this possible?" I would do anything for my love (read: mom, dad, bro, sis, friend, wife, etc..)! My question: even if it means u'll have to die??

Not an easy question to answer: We have never had to experience such dreaded situations. Its ok to be selfish. its ok to be generous. But beyond a limit; U r a pushover or u r a high-maintenance!

We know: Life changes, ppl change, situations change, even nature changes! So its ok to behave as per the conditions of life. Life demands; it has its own rulebook. All we do is: B the puppet!!

Till yesturday, u were with me. U wanted me, U were so close to me, U loved me! U knew I needed u.

And today, u are nowhere. U dont need me anymore, U are too far to comeback, U found others to fall in love with. But u know, I still need U!

Thats how selfish I am! I just cant get enough of u. I want more and more! I am so mean that just my love is not enough for us. I want ur love as well. I want to be that 1 person of ur life! and the Only 1! I want all ur attention focused on me. I want you besides me all the time. I want to keep talking to u 4ever! I want u to keep holding me in ur arms till my last breath! I want you to know me and be with me even when I m not the perfect person! I want you to understand me, care for me, trust me and ofcourse, love me!!!!

I want... I just want... I want and want more...!!!

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