Sunday, May 22, 2011

UV, Dhoni, Bhajji!! Part 1

Ya so! To begin with! Blah blah blah...!!!

I was on FB (as usual) searching for something imp that will gimme a reason to not study! Exams are on and studying during exams, is hell boring!

I just happened to check Reebok as they have a paid ad on FB and I own a precious pair of RBK shoes!A contest on WC, 1 more! Shucks yaar! Its 3 weeks now! Get over it, ppl! Even Players have moved on...

But as usual out of sheer nothing-to-do attitude, I posted my "precious comments" on HOW DID I FEEL WHEN DHONI HIT THE SIX! And even uploaded a pic where I was holding India ka flag and sitting on the car! And I knew with my kind of luck and more than 3 million users on FB; winning is like searching for a seat in a 7:01 pm dadar local!

Next day, I see my name as 1 of the winners! Wow! So?? Now what?? I wasnt even aware of the prize (really difficult to digest!!)!Then I get an email from Mr. Ajay Chhabra telling you are the lucky 1 who gets to meet UV and Dhoni!

Then the bulb glows over my head! Ting - the bells ring! And guess what, I go blank! Yaa.. I have never seen a cricketer without the screen in between!I reply to the mail telling yes, yes, yes! M going to come.. When is it? Where is it? Really? Both of them? No prank right?

Too bad, I didnt trust Reebok! Hahaha..!!

What happens next is the history.... Coming soon!!!

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