Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Bye, for a while!!!

Yes, I can see u going away.. Far far away.. No, I do not wish to stop u or bring u back. Bcoz I know, u r going on the right road. This road was defined for u, by the ALMIGHTY. It'll bring u happiness, it'll bring u good luck. U r alwaz backed by me. Our happiness, our friendship and our memories. Long lasting moments of fun, laughter, sometimes apin and anguish too. 
As we move a step forward in life, I look back and cherish those special moments when we grew up together. Learning, understanding and supporting each other and guiding our ways to life. Our trips, birthday parties, ice creams treats, movies, dinners.. All better than the previous ones.

The best part of this journey thru life is our relationship. It'll alwaz be just the same. We have ingrained in ourselves the companionship so well that all incidences are just linked. When u take the step to new turn, u'll be surrounded by new ppl. 

But at back, I'm with u bcoz I know we need to be with each other. And after few years, we'll still be there with each other. Bcoz thats what defines us, our relation. Since I've known, u have been a buddy. And it'll alwaz be the same.

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