Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crab Mentality

Each Indian democratic fat a** has this. An article says (in real terms) Prithviraj is jealous of Modi. So what is he doing? Like a crab pulling down legs of each other. I cant see you progress. I am the CM of India's finance capital. But my problem is I cant let go off corruption and laziness to work effectively. 

Mr. Modi may be right at some issues and wrong at others. But he has a vision and he is ready to work for it. Selflessly?? I dont know and I really dont care. Because with his vision he has attracted me to Gujrat. 

I saw the Republic day parade. I could see the big shots of the system yawning and frowning at the rally. The so-called ministers cannot even respect the hard work of the people who showed the real concerns of the country. The environment minister was seen laughing when the jawans were fighting a bomb diffusion. Hats off to you, Mr. PM. U have with the responsibilty of 100 million + stomachs who believe in you to not sleep hungry. 

East Indians are treated as extras. Whereby China is all set to separate them from us. Its all so clearly seen. Yet I dont know why we turn blind so such burning issues. A person can be burnt alive and no1 dares to save him. But yes, we'll help our fellowmates. 

Each day a headline talks about scams, immoral deeds, bribe, corruption and what not. Is there anything good really happening? If so, why is not covered? Just because it might make me feel happy at the start of my day? A day when I'll work hard to ensure my family gets its needs, wants fulfilled. 

Such is my country! And I love it. By all its terms and conditions. If you are here, learn to bribe! Learn to help the unknowns. And above all, learn it blame it all..

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