Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second chance

They say "We alwaz get a second chance!"
When? After the death? After the failure? After the crime? After a sin?

No, we dont. Life is never so fair to each 1 here. Every1 has a heavy heart. A sorrow to hide, a tear to flow and a story to tell. 
But what they dont have is some1 to see, some1 to wipe and some1 to hear!

Whom to say, what to say and when to say?? By the time we are able to figure out the answers to such questions its too late to mend. Not all whom we talk to are worth the trust, the faith but if we dont try how will we ever know? 

Learn a lesson or earn a true friends, choice is urs.. Without falling in a deep sea we cannot be the best swimmers. Without having burnt self, how can u cook? Without breaking a few signals, how do u know if u r a good driver? 

Just keep walking, running or even crawling. Because at the end, its the distance between u and ur GOD that will decide the strength in u. 

With lots of people around all the time, rudeness may not help you. But kindness will imbibe u.