Monday, February 7, 2011


I entered into the world of dreams. I knew no one there. I had a fearful thought in my mind. Just as I gazed into endless stretch of the future, I saw a cute figure with smiling nervous eyes looking at me. At that very moment, I knew we shared the same excitement at heart. I don’t know what force or power drew me to her. 

I clearly remember the happiness I felt, when we shared the same past, present and the future. Then there was no looking back. We became friends, inseparable ones; clearly understanding each other’s priorities, similarities and differences. We came so close that we could not see anyone else as important. But the fate had something else in store for us. We had to separate. Not literally, but yes, we did. 

Now we are in the future but the different one (than what we saw). But instead of losing threads, they got wound so close and stiff that these cannot break for a long time to come. 

As I take the stair of success, I still have a hand that wound mine for support and eyes that held confidence. Just a little far yet too close.

It takes strong will and courage to stand by any unknown figure even when they are committing mistakes or reaching glory. She has it all. She knows my weaknesses and uses them as my strengths. Reads my mind and tells it all. No matter what the future holds, I know of the greatest gift my PG gave me. A friend, a mentor, a guide and a confidant!

Thank you for everything!

Dedicated to Deepika Khetarpal!

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