Saturday, May 8, 2010

Relatives... :( :( :(

Imagine that u r given a weekend assignment, loads of work on ur delicate shoulders, deadlines to be met, etc etc etc.. U have to think hard to get that code right, U have to think of an innovative idea to impress your boss..

As you are about to start that work with a cup of coffee and wholly equipped laptop.. And..

The bell rings.. At the door is the Atithi..! The ppl who come when they are most not welcomed..!!

Its not a person or amicable human.. Its a gang of ppl conspiring against you to ruin your work, weekend and life (If u have any life left)..!! 5 seniors, 4 kids and 1 couple..!! Gosh!! Hell breaks loose..!! To begin with, kids dont know what clealiness is all about.. Seniors dont know what privacy is all about.. Couples dont know what "others home" is all about..

If that is not enough, dining etiquette does not exist when you are a family.. Human audio decibles increase auotmatically.. Crying, spilling, jumping, breaking, etc all happen as they are a routine in my life..!!
Privacy is a word thats sends shiver down the spine.. All the nooks and corners of the home become accessible to all.. Food is an important criteria to decide how good are the hosts.. Everyone needs a separate dish! With different combinations of condiments and spices..

Kids love to be loved so much with all supplies of chocolates, ice creams, chips, etc etc. If host does not have a stock of it, he is asked to go to shop in mid May afternoon to get it.. In midst of all, u r stuck with work in 1 hand, and "Guests" in the other..! So much to do, so many thoughts running in ur mind (killing some1 is not a good thought, remove it!) all u can do is get a corner in ur room n sulk! as much as u can, blame the destiny, the fate, the good LORD, the guests, every1 u can.. But u'll still have to bear the pain for 2 3 4 ... days..

GOD bless to the sufferers whose weekends have been ruined like mine.. GOD give them all the strength to take the pain (which is as good as getting a tattoo).. GOD give those guests some heart to understand our throbbing.. N GOD help ppl who think that Atithi is Dev!! They may be.. But they are NOT..!

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