Sunday, May 9, 2010

What do u do ur heart aches, cries out loud and its painful more than breaking bones 1 by 1..??

What do u do when life is demanding you to remain sane when every nerve of your brain has given up..??

When you have to celebrate but mind is not ready for that smiling face..??

When you want to tell some1 that "it hurts" but the same person is the reason for the wound..??

When you want to accept it and move ahead but heart wants to sulk over it..??

When you know destiny works on its on but you wanna fight against it..??

When you all dear ones happy, but no 1 is aware that you r not ready for it yet..??

Is it why GOD gives us a heart so that we feel pain so much that we realise its is not worth to let heart rule over mind..??

If that is the real case, I m very happy to be so practical that heart does not beat for any reason.. It does not feel the unnecessary emotions.. Heart should not be given any preference over mind..

It does not pain in mind.. Let it be that way.. Life is too small for all such pains.. In fact, y do we have a heart when all it gives back is pain?? I wish GOD could gimme a stone instead..

Lot has been said that "there is sunshine after rain and happiness after pain" and many more.. But does anyone ever know that "its easier said than done".. Y should I take pain for happiness.. i want none.. At least some1 tell the ALMIGHTY to take away my heart aches.. I dont need any happiness in return..


  1. You feel it, when ur heart aches...
    You feel it, when ur life demands...
    You feel it, when som1 hurts u...
    It leaves u as a diff person, it changes u... but the change is worth it...
    You need to experience powerless before taking power...
    You need to experience hell before bliss...
    It opens u up.

  2. Its true and I know it has made me too strong.. Ppl call me heartless now..! Such is life..! But the pains r so excruciating..! Its just not worth it..

  3. i like it very nice.. ur critic has liked it

  4. Who is this critic ?? Plz reveal ur identity..!! Thanx 4 ur appreciation !!