Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What u want is NEVER what u get!

I want a Sandwich icecream, but I get Roasted almond!
I want a Mont Blanc pen, I get a cello gripper!
I want to eat noodles, I get roti-sabzi!
I want to wear Red shoes, I have to wear black formals!
I want my room clean, All I have is mess!
I want a Mac pc, I have "Fujitsu"!
I want a Rolex, I have a Titan!
I want to wear skirts, I have to wear Formals again!
I want to read Bombay-times, I have to read Economic times,
I want to sleep for 12 hours a day, but that seems like a distant dream!
I want to spend time doing nothing, but I am alwaz meeting deadlines!
I want to go shopping, but I spend time travelling to n from college!
I want to goto Disneyland, but I can manage only upto Bandra!
I want to win all the competitions, but I am too lazy to burn mid-night oil!
I want to dance all my life, but I am limping as I walk!
There is so much I want in my life, so much I want to do in my life, but so shallow is my dedication that I cannot even think of achieveing my small dreams and goals...

Such is life! Dreams are too big and eyes are so small! Cannot fit the window? Just flowing with time are those big amibitions of doing something new, something for my country, for my parents... As each day passes, I have to say "Good-bye" to 1 dream... As life nears end, I might as well have no dreams fulfilled - all killed by a slow death of poison called Fear!


  1. nice cribbing poetry.... rite more on happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happiness is to be felt...
    Talking about sorrow: It should be spoken out so that it is halved...
    Apart, Its a blog wherein I can write what I want to without restrictions...

    Agree, to learn that people need their space to express... Thanks!

  3. Decide form where to think, wen req usde ur heart n other places ur brain,so that u can fulfil few things , always u hav loose 1 thing in order to achieve other thing.. its gud to speak ur heart out... nice blog!!!!!

  4. Classic example of u foram... a cocktail of bright n grey thoughts...

    In most lines u wanna live a carefree life... but u still want Mont Blac ovr Gripper, wanna Win competitions ovr a nice night sleep... u want a classic clean room ovr a easy to keep mess :P

    Portrays u best... perfect confusion!

    Just like a big machine is a thousand nuts and bolts working together...

    U fulfill wht u want in the next 5 mins... nd keep doing that... be true to urself... dreams for life r jst a walk away... maybe distant!!! but its only a walk! ;)