Saturday, December 26, 2009

We r on time bomb!

Dear all,

We are on time bomb that may explode at any time. At these times, our pillar of defense will protect us. No internal conflicts or people with weird attitudes will be brave enough to protect us. If someone thinks they are doing good job by helping our country, let me get the privilege to ask you this: Where were you when the soldiers who were protecting the 5-star hotel were living on grounds without even roof???

Such is the plight of our nation. I wonder where this country is heading where the youth is so laid back that they cannot even stand what is right and and just blind their eyes at all wrong doings and happenings. Nothing has changed, has it? If so, then, the people who praised the martyrs on 26/11 do even know the full names of those who sacrificed their lives? Even after this, we are proud of our country. Y? Whats in it to be proud of? Scared citizens? Laid back youth? Selfish politicians? Whom to tell? whom to ask for help? Why r we like this? Is it because that we are cold hearted to react, to revolt?

The most difficult question is why cant we do anything for our motherland? Because we cannot even trust our fellowmen. Who knows where and when and how someone will come and kill us...

On 27/11, when I stepped out of my house, I was expecting it all be the same. But it was not. That fear lulls in our minds. My mom wants me to just come back home. This is the height of fear each one of us has. I want to protect my mother from all these evils. I don't know where to start from. Whom to approach? Who will not betray me? With such questions in my mind, I want someone to hear me. Let me protect my country. Its not easy. But its for me to be able to die peacefully. I want the ALMIGHTY to know that I did my bid to be fair citizen of India!!!

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  1. it is often said that amelioration is an endless process... by endless they mean it will nvr end... sadly our ppl look at it as a burden rather than an oppurtunity... wht dey dnt realise is dat if pursued it will soon becom a habit for der own good... its nt dat tough a process... jst dat we need to abolish regionalistic and religionistic a******* frm politics... nd need an inspirer at the top...