Friday, November 6, 2009

Some feelings dont have titles...

The world does not count on to good things that you do, nor does it understand the true intention of you being good. Do a good deed and be rest assured that you will have many ppl questioning your motives.
Done with an expectation of good returns or done with unconscious efforts to make some1 smile, its all in vain. Bcoz it takes a good heart to understand good things. Today, ppl don't have 1.

Lot of times, I have heard ppl say "Do what ur heart tells u 2, n u'll be happiest!" Its all crap.
New saying goes "Do what ur heart says n ppl will know u r a fool!"

There is no place for emotions, bliss and pleasure of doing good deeds. Nor can can you be free enough to express your own self. Bcoz each 1 is worried about himself/herself. "U can goto hell but I need my life at place".
This 1 is for all those who dont feel the importance of feelings of others. "Get a life, bozo!" Coz if u r important to live on this earth, it is only bcoz u have friends like us who respect and treat ur emotions with respect and care. If u cant do the same, least u can do is not mess with us! Coz the day we lose our patience, u'll have no 1 to bank on u'll b left all alone in this cruel world where ppl r just looking for a reason to pull u down!
Each 1 of us needs support - b it emotional, physical or monetary - I m not sure how many need the latter 2. But I m sure enough that without emotional support u wont b able to get up n walk further in ur life!

Imagine ur parents had discouraged you when u tried taking the first step of ur life. Would you have been able to walk? Never!

Same goes today! May b not for first step in ur life. But 4 every step that you take today, u need some1 who'll encourage, support - in case u stumble.
Learn to respect ppl. Small or big - size, age, caste, position,etc. at all places. Each 1 of us has a train of emotions with us all the time. Dunn derail it. U have no rights to play with them. They are priced possessions for all of us.


  1. nice one... d emotional support thing is soo true...

  2. i agree completely with u.......the fucking ppl out there are meannn...............fucking brains of their own and bragging abt nothing.........