Monday, October 19, 2009

Old age ???

How do I know what it means ? I m too young 4 it! But is it that none of dread it! We all know it will come and stay with us till the time we live! It will accompany us when no 1 else will. It will be our part and parcel when nothing else will be.

Its nothing but OLD AGE. Dreadful, scary, devil! All of us know the sufferings. We cant deny or run away from them. but is there anything we can do about it? Or we are so helpless that we cant even get a glass of water when our legs cant take our weight!

Running for money, fame, power; we 4get that there is something coming on our way that will not ask for any of these things but it will ask for support, happiness, help!

Its so difficult to help ppl. I know we help ppl. But how may of us really feel the need to do so? Very few. We help only if its in our area of ease; otherwise who will go an extra mile to do something for some1 we dunno?

But these deeds will matter. A live example in front of me makes me believe this. This place is small for writing the experiences but now I know for sure that I have make some1 smile everyday because at the end, these smiles will only be my saviors. Today, if I can make an old face smile, I can expect GOD to help me smile when I wont have any 1 cracking jokes for me, sending silly sms, etc.

The blessings that I will receive will take me safely through the most difficult journey call end-of-life. Where I wont have any 1 to help me with my pc, my cell fone bills, where I will have to do everything on my own. But I know 1 thing that my good deeds will come to my rescue.

Hence, I pray here to THE ALMIGHTY to grant me all the opportunities to help ppl who need it, so that I can bring smiles and make some1's heart heal the few wounds!

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