Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whats important and whats not ??

So do I know favourite color of my best friend? But to think of it, does it matter?
Do I know who is her family doctor? What will I do when she needs 1?
Do I know what she has or what not? What shall I gift her on her next birthday?
Do I know how important it is for my friend to be there with me? Or how much my presence matters to her on the most important day of her life?
Do I know her favourite chocolate? What do I give her when she is depressed?
But to think of it, do all these things matter so much? Even if I dont know any of these, all I know is when times are conspiring, all we need is the support of each other..

No color, no food, no place shall matter when we will be together..
I dont know why this happens.. But even after all these, life questions back.. What is it about that person that u r "best friends"?
May be I should try knowing these things.. But whats the point in doing something that has no meaning in "real" sense..??
With so many questions in my mind, I really wanna tell my friend that if life permits me to go back and start it all over again..
I will pay close attention to all small things in life that may or may not matter but are important enough to create precious moments..
No matter what future holds, our bond will grow stronger as each day passes..

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