Thursday, June 3, 2010

To my Dearest Darlings!

They say its tough to get a friend that will last forever I told them I never had to worry about such statements.
Coz I just managed to get not just 1 or 2.. But 5 !! Whoever talks about friendship should meet u!
Whoever wants to know what is Friendship should see u! Whoever is wondering what I am talking about should experience a day with u!
I still remember the first day we met each other.. Each of us had a different story to tell!
Words are not enough and necessary to describe or tell! Only feelings matter! As time passed, we all ride the cycle of life with each one of us having a same story to view !!

With lotz of love and thanx to each 1 of u!!
Dr. Aarti, Jinesh, Arvind, Rakesh, Bindi !!

The lovely new members:
Minesh, Mitresh, Kunjal !!

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