Friday, July 17, 2009

Y not feel satisfied with what you have?

Hi, its like I m writing a conversation between myself n some 1 who will understand.
Something that we really want is something that we really get.
Then y dont our hearts have the pleasure of the same? Y do we alwaz look for something else instead of being satisfied with what we have. Its the same thing that you wanted some time back and now when u have it... there is no pleasure, no happiness about the same?
Life is just like that - never satisfied with what u have? YYYYYY.....
May be its high time human minds and hearts starts getting happier with what they have and what they achieve... The quest for more is so depressing :(
Alwaz, trying to reach new heights...what about the cloud just conquered? Dont want to relax and enjoy the bliss of having achieved of something we wanted?
Thats the way it goes... Alwaz found running, jumping...
Never satiated...


  1. human intellect likes to be challenged n new aim gives reason to be driven!!!