Sunday, May 24, 2009


Y do we a zone in brain called skeptics ? Or is it between mind and heart ? Whatever it is, its heartbreaking!
Red or Black ? Music or movie ? Match or sleep ? Rahul or Rohit ?
Sometimes, I select the easier option mentioning no risk factor but deep down I know its sheer laziness!!!
So I have found out that all my emotions are so entangled into my heart that I should not bother 2 straighten them!!!!
No No No! This time its not laziness! Its just that I m not well equipped to do that!!!
Cant be so rude naa !!! Ha ha ha!!
Confusion now seems to be my part and parcel! I have to be confused to make sure I am awake! {Actually, sleep has no 2 ways!I love it sooo much!}
Even when writing this 1, I m not sure of what is it that my hands r doing!
N this reminds me of few ppl who will understand me!{They have 2, they know me!}
They r my friends! All of them, now well versed with my skeptics, know how 2 be my guides!
Dedicated 2 all them - Thanx 4 lending ur ears when I need them...!!!

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