Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pinkathon - marathon to create awareness about cancer!

After a long time, I have found my reason to write. Indeed, it was an event that made me realize that running is fun, but running for a cause is plain bliss!

Pinkathon - a marathon sponsored by Gitanjali Group - was organised by 2 very names Milind Soman and Devika Bhojwani. It was an awareness campaign for breast cancer done by Anita - Unique Body Wear . It was powered by Talwalkars and supported by Stayfree. Pinkathon group has partnered with Women's Cancer Initiative at  Tata Memorial Hospital. As obvious, all the proceedings go to this hospital to help the sufferers and the researchers. 

Many would not know but it is a curable disease when detected and treated at early stages. But as the line says, "prevention is better than cure", it is important for women to know about it. As common fact of India, women neglect their health. By this awareness campaign, I'm sure many of us would now be careful. 

Now, about the event. It was a very well organized episode. There were sign boards, hoardings and flex everywhere guiding the participants. There was a long queue at the registration desk. It only meant that women of Mumbai were ready to run for a good cause. There were 3 categories: 3 KM, 5 KM and 10 KM.

The warm-up session was an interesting one. Recent bollywood hits being played and a dance group on the stage! Electrifying atmosphere and the presence of Karishma Kapur, Malishka and others added to the enthusiasm of the participants. The race started at exactly 7:10 AM with colorful balloons being released. 

There was excellent arrangement at every kilometer of water and medical. The route was very beautiful. In the sense that running around every posh building of BKC is a pleasure by itself. Traffic was well managed and diverted according to the route. The best part of the race was at the finish point; Milind Soman was personally greeting and cheering for the participants. That really boosted the confidence of the runners to perform even better the next time. As a token of appreciation, the little pink goody bag made everyone smile. 

As I was told, the winners of the marathon completed 10 km run in about 37 minutes! Applause to those girls. And of course, congratulations to everyone who participated. 

In the end, we all participants hope that our run will really help the women suffering from the dreadful disease. And as the line on one of the hoarding read, "Cancer is not contagious, but my fighting spirit is!". We are always with our fellow women. May this support grow the next time! Cheers to the organizers and kudos to all the volunteers. Keep it up!