Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team In-jur-ia

When was the last time we saw all top players fit and fine? Why wasn’t injury a common word just a decade back? Why is there so much of hype over fitness issues?
We all know how it all started! When Ashish Nehra broke his finger, World Cup was on a doubt-fire! Who, what, how?? But destiny was smiling on team India and we repeated history after 28 years.

Next in line was IPL! We put so much of load on Sehwag’s shoulders! Viru paaji is looked at as the attac”king” opener for team India! Only when he had to wave a “bye-bye” did we realise that the loss was inevitable.
Gauti’s shoulder also gave up the weights of captaincy for the WI tour. At the same time, our stylish MoS for WC-2011, was out of the tour due to chest infection! But fate, again, gave team India a green signal and we won! Though it was the weakest side of WI, the young guns of team India did a magnificent job.

Next stop – England! The toughest battle for the number 1 spot!

Our grief just grew. Zak limped out in the first innings in the crucial 2000th test match due to hamstring injury! And if this was not enough, Gauti’s elbow injury and Sachin’s fever just made it worse for team India. And we lost!
Round 2: Test 2! With a comeback start, team India was doing very well! Just when we thought of the “bounce back”, injury struck! This time Yuvraj Singh was taken down by a finger-fracture and Bhajji Paaji by an abdomen-muscle pull. And again, we lost!

All in all, it’s been an eye-opener! Blame it on anything: IPL, berserk schedules, exertion!

How could we include already injured members into the squad?
Is it that we’re not making full use of our team’s potential?
Or it is just risk aversion?

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