Thursday, November 24, 2011

Remember the sport? Hu-Tu-Tu? As we loved to call it? Kabaddi is played in every corner of the country. Sadly not many people play it anymore. Nobody's fault, we have got more classy and gentle sports to deal with! But whoever has played it, knows it is a tough game and not everyone can get out alive! hehe... 

As a child, I have played it too! Believe me, it requires a lot of strength, mind tactics and mental alertness. While u are in the opposition half, every talent of u is tested! The raider cant even breathe!! 

And to come to team effort, imagine trying to save a member and getting out urself! Or imagine, winning the bonus points for the team! Its super fun and a pleasure too!

All u have to do is experience it once to believe it! Playing in the dry mud, getting dirty, tackling the players, hurting too! All fun and more fun! I was lucky to have been there done that! 

Just to add, this year our men and women have won the World Cup Kabaddi 2011! While we know, let's acknowledge them too. I m a little late in writing this 1, but nevertheless, I m proud of my team India in every sport!

Congratulation to Indian Kabaddi Team. So far India is the unbeaten champion in Kabaddi World Cup. Results of Kabaddi World Cup to date: 

2011: India vs UK (44 - 17) - India Won


2004: India vs Iran (55 – 27) - India Won
2007: India vs Iran (29 – 19) - India Won
2010: India vs Pakistan (58 – 24) - India Won
2011: India vs Canada (59 – 25) - India Won

Women Kadaddi started in 2010 only and this was the maiden WC for the team! Reminds me of how we also were the maiden winners of T20 Cup! Cheers to the guys who have kept the sport alive and won it too, in style! 

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  1. Atleast somewhere we are unbeatable.It makes me feel very proud.