Monday, July 5, 2010

Indians ???

So world's biggest strike ever.. India closed! And yet, we have riots everywhere..
Ppl just cant sit @ home and enjoy the holiday.. We wanna go out and create nuisance for every1 around us.. Bunking otherwise might be fine..
This is for all Indians who dared to step out of their homes today.. Think of all the policemen who have employed their lives to ensure u r alive..
Buses are burnt, trains r made to halt, flights not allowed to land, cars emptied, etc etc..
That's what a peaceful strike is meant to be???
When we say inflation is very high does it mean we wanna add to the troubles of common man or does it mean we wanna support a common man??
Does any 1 of us ever thought that we could save the money and do something good or us?? Y do we want to damage the public property?? Y is the Govt. so weak?? Cant they stop this..??
Stop Inflation?? Stop terrorism?? Stop such strikes?? Cant we do anything about this??
Is it so difficult for us to stand up as a Nation? Or it is our caste, creed, religion? Or our ego, attitude and disrespect 4 all around us?

We are worried about the world cup where we are not even participating? We win 1 game and we suck at all others.. Suicides are given more coverage over "Shahid Jawans".. Marriage of 1 Indian rules all channels whereas local achievements are even paid heeds to..
So proud m I when I sing my National Anthem.. So happy when I see my country is among most powerful upcoming economies.. So touched when we say "Unity in Diversity".. But is it all so true?? Is it all so real?? Should I be proud of my Nation?? Where ppl are just looking for a reason to kill each other.. where ppl just wanna leave the country as it has no bright future.. where even after all nature's gifts, borrowings are more than assets.. where 50% of ppl just survive on 1 meal a day.. where girl child is killed till today.. where 1 person wants to see improvements against 100 opposition.. where 1 law takes 10 years to be approved and implemented.. where politics is not for country.. where good ppl are looked as culprits and bad ppl are given authorities to run the country..
Here as I write about all these things, I know I have to do something bout my country.. I know I have to stand up for myself and my fellow Indians.. But as I start to think of options I realise I am alone not enough.. May be its the fear, may be its the truth, may be its the destiny of my country, that it has to be the sufferer of its own patriots!


  1. great one madam...m with you....any time....thats what india is...but when we think of some change everyone including me cant find the road ahead everywhere there is darkness....when ever one man stands of some good thing he is clean bowled....what we can do is educate people ...educate people?? does it work....everyone says that mumbai mein paisaa hey thats right but everyone is so engrossed in money making that; they have not realized that in the future money will not help...great article fens....