Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What do u do when u experience fully loaded version of all emotions into 1???
I mean you can do nothing but relax and let it pass...
I tried handling emotions but it was silly of me to even try it...
I was happy, sad, confused, sleepy, tired, excited, etc etc etc - all together!
Result - MESS!! total mess!
But the next day I realised everything just passed by as if it were nothing...
Sadness, went away with dawn! Confusion got solved by HIM, Slept like a baby so tiredness wanned off, excitement helped me smile and express my joy!
What i realised is when u dont have answers for somethings in life, U shud just leave it on time...
It just has miracles of magic! Heals everything! And is alwaz in my favour!!!
Noting ever goes wrong when u have faith! I alwaz do! I do feel disturbed a lot but faith remains!
My life as a whole is a perfect example of Whatever happens, Happens 4 good!
N by now, I shud believe and accept it b4 I end up messing up again!!!

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