Saturday, August 23, 2008

What do I learn about Friends thru journey of life?

What can b worse than having a friend....????Its not being able to talk to that friend when ur heart craves 4 it.......

I have many friends...4 many occasions....4 different moods and 2 share different emotions....But I dunn get them at proper times.....hehe!Like the other day, I was feeling low and my friend was partying...So silly naa..!
I want 2 write about my friends now: Some r there 4 happy times....Many 4 sorrow.....Only a few 4 anger and the rest 4 party!
But during the journey of school 2 college 2 Engineering college I had my share of close 2 closer 2 far 2 furthest friends....

Some were close enuf 2 spend life with needing no other friend 4 life.....But during the journey, they left on their turns giving me options 2 find new n better friends......

I found new n better friends - but the same ol' conditions were available.... Meet - Become friends - really close friends - n then move on ur own way.....

Departures are not alwaz bitter or sad or depressing. Sometimes, they are most memorable things and u thank GOD that they happened in ur life...!

I have seen such departure in my life n coz of that I have won a true friend 4 life...!
But they help u win a few enemies 2....I have a few....!!!!!.....:):):)

Imagine 1 time the best-of-friends turning into enemies......Sad, hurting n painful...???????But experiencing it once in life will add a flavour to dull routine of friends n good friends......!

They say "Girl is alwaz a Best Friend of Girl and Worst Enemy 2"...I wanna say "So TRUE"....!Many of my favourite friends were and continue 2 b girls, n my few enemies are also girls....hehe!

{Trust me it takes courage 2 write in public about enemies and friends who turn into enemies,they r dangerous!!! }

But I wonder how life would be without haing a "FRIEND"....I cant even imagine...No wonderful thoughts coming..!No matter when they come n go or stay back 2 b friend 4ever, they have been my strength n support at 1 point of time.

Uncountable number of times, they have helped me to the limits and beyond that...sometimes without asking 2....!Small gestures from friends creates wonders in life and this can understood only by those who have experienced it once in life time...

So, if u r reading this really long page and can think of any such post it or comment it......Let the world know that we r blessed with so many goodies in life...Friends being the most treasured ones....!


  1. hey this is pranav!!
    all i can say she has preety much written everythin abt herself!!!!

  2. Well, thanx pranav..But as the blog is "The life of my own"....

    I m supposed 2 write bout I,Me,Myself...!!!

  3. well written.. i would just say look at things in positive way n enjoy ur life..!!

  4. One more thing, I like to mention is, girls take things seriously even though there are something funny. As far as good friends are concerned, I believe, if you have those, take them as god’s gift and feel yourself lucky.

    Good written.
    Keep writing