Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mom-Y do I consider her my ALMIGHTY,my GOD!

How many times she tells me 2 not eat ice-creams?
But how many times do I listen....???
Only when I suffer from Tonsillitis, I come to know she is alwaz rite...

How many times she asks me to open d book...
I realize I should have opened it when I falls short of 2 marks for 60%

How many times does she advice me to not watch tv?
I obey only when I have specs wit ever increasing number!

How many times she tells me to eat healthy food at least once a day?
I start eating only after being told by doc to do so!

How many times she tells me get up early?
I get up only if I have lectures, that too I m alwaz late!

How many times she tells me to goto temple daily?
I go only when exams arrive or results r waited!

How many times she tells me learn new things instead of wasting time?

I realise only when I know that my co-workers have done better things than me n I stand nowhere....

Mom is alwaz rite n tells me everything 4 me, my benefits, my profits!
But I listen only when I have suffered d loss n it as cost me life!

But I love u, MOM…
Even after me being wrong, u 4give so easily…
U stand by me when I need u to…
U r truly my GOD’s blessing…..
HE knows how much I need u today, tomorrow n 4ever…..

Wanna tell u MOM that No matter how many times we argue or have different opinions, U will alwaz b my GOD!

Love U, MOM!